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Occupational Therapy Resources

Below are a selection of resources and website links which will support students to continue to build their skills and work towards being as independent as possible.

Research has shown that therapeutic interventions are most effective when completed over multiple environments. Therefore it is really important that students continue to practice the skills that they have acquired during term time, at home.

Evenings, weekends and school holidays are all perfect opportunities to learn and practice new skills.

Keep a look out for the 'Termly Focus' and please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require further support.

Occupational Therapy Team


  • Community Access

Food shopping budget template
Bus travel plan template
Road safety information

  • Fine Motor

Hand strengthening exercises

  • Functional Skills

Adding coins worksheet
Shopping for ingredients organisation sheet
Laundry care labels information sheet
Age appropriate chores

  • Gross Motor

Theraband Exercises
Core Strength Exercises

  • Self Regulation

Engine Dial Template
Self-Regulation Strategies
Outdoor Sensory Diet Activities (theottoolbox.com)

  • Useful website links

Handwriting and associated skills:




Money Skills:


Fine motor skill activities: