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Education - Main School

Students are given access to the whole range of National Curriculum subjects as well as vocational opportunities in Key Stage 4. Literacy and numeracy underpin all aspects of learning and are integral to personal development, therefore a significant amount of time is devoted to them.

The aim in Key Stages 2 and 3 (Key Stage 2 for students aged 7 to 11, Key Stage 3 for students aged 11 to 14) is to build confidence and self-esteem in the young people by ensuring they achieve success in the classroom. A broad and balanced curriculum has been developed by teachers and therapists which is appropriate for our students’ needs. Therapists work within the classrooms to ensure students can access the curriculum being delivered.

The aim in Key Stage 4 (students aged 14 to 16) is to prepare students for the next phase in their lives. The curriculum varies and the young people have certain privileges recognising their increasing maturity. Students follow academic courses which lead to accreditation through Entry Level exams, AQA Unit Awards, ASDAN programmes and GCSE exams. Students start to gain work-related and enterprise skills by undertaking vocational courses. There are strong links with the local community and Year 11 students attend the local college each term to try vocational taster courses which are not available at St Catherine's.

As part of the curriculum students receive lessons in sex education, in line with current legislation. Should parents make a written request, young people can be wholly or partly excused from these lessons.

For more information about our curriculum please see our curriculum documents.