Education - Sixth Form Centre

A flexible combination of nationally-accredited courses provides the framework for the delivery of a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum individually tailored to meet each learner’s specific needs.

The Centre’s aim is for young people to make sufficient educational and functional linguistic progress in order to be successful in the completion of any future full-time vocational training, education or employment within their home area.

We provide students with opportunities to:

• improve their communicative abilities;

• strengthen their learning skills;

• raise their literacy and numeracy competences;

• enjoy a variety of work and vocational experiences; and

• grow in personal and social maturity.


Courses followed include:

• Learning & Life Skills;

• ASDAN Qualification;

• Functional Skills English;

• Functional Skills Mathematics;

• BTECs;

• Information Technology Qualification (ITQ); and

• GCSE subjects.

Entry level, Level 1 and 2 qualifications may be followed as appropriate.


Individual learning programmes enable learners to improve their performance in the following essential skills:

• communication and social interaction;

• written language and literacy;

• numeracy;

• problem-solving and practical work skills;

• independent living; and

• basic enterprise skills.

More information can be found in our integrated programme and our long term curriculum documents.