An Overview of St Catherine's School for Students

St Catherine’s School helps young people aged between 7 and 16, who have speech, language and communication needs. This page explains how St Catherine’s School helps young people.

Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy

You will have 1 to 1 sessions, group sessions and therapy support when you are in the classroom. 

Education - For Young People aged 7 to 16 

In school: Lessons include Maths, English, Literacy, Science, Geography, History, Art, Citizenship and PE. Courses include ASDAN, GCSEs, unit awards and Entry Level Qualifications.

Outside of school: You will do work experience and short courses at the local college.

Care & Boarding

You can either board weekly, be a full boarder or go home every day (if you live on the Isle of Wight).

Weekly boarders stay at school Sunday night to Friday afternoon and go home on Friday for the weekend. 

Full boarders live at school during term times.

Houses: There are separate houses for girls and boys with care staff.

Care staff: The care team are on duty when you are not in lessons. There are members of staff on duty 24 hours a day should you need them. They will help you to:

- make meals;
- manage money;
- keep healthy;
- keep in touch with home;
- keep up to date with homework;
- get on with other students and staff;  
- work on your independence including travelling independently on public transport; and
- develop your hobbies and interests.

If you are unwell, we have a dedicated nurse at St Catherine’s.

Activities: Here are some things that learners like to do in their spare time:

- Duke of Edinburgh Award;
- Guides/Scouts/Cubs;
- Horse Riding;
- Bowling;
- Meals out;
- Chill out nights
- Swimming;
- Cinema;
- Football; and
- Athletics.