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International Students

Registered with the UK Home Office’s Border Agency for international students, St Catherine’s has supported many overseas students throughout its 30 year history. In that time, we have been pleased to welcome students from Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Italy, Japan and Switzerland. We feel it is very important for our students to be able to experience a range of cultures and we always encourage international students to celebrate their different nationalities.
It is a requirement that all of our overseas students have English as their first (or a very good second) language.   

Travelling to the Isle of Wight could not be easier. Regular ferry crossings – which take between 10 minutes and an hour depending on the service - are available from Southampton and Portsmouth to various locations on the north of the Island. Journeys to Southampton or Portsmouth from the major London airports (Gatwick/Heathrow) take less than two hours by car or three hours on the train. In addition, Southampton airport is only a 30 minute journey from the ferry terminals to the island.
Once you arrive on the Isle of Wight, St Catherine’s School is on the south coast and is approximately a 40 minute drive.