Fundraising for a new sports area


We are currently fundraising to refurbish our tennis court area to become a multi-use games area with a football pitch, two basketball courts and a volleyball court (similar to the one in the picture below). Our tennis courts are currently not fit for purpose and in recent years as we have a lot more younger children the area does not meet their needs. In total, the refurbishment of this area will cost around £60,000, which is a huge sum of money. So far we have raised £49,000 including a fantastic grant from The Downlands Educational Trust for £40,000.

We are asking supporters to help us to fundraise the final amount so that we can ensure that we can get the most from this area and provide our students with the all weather area that they deserve. If you would like to get involved with the fundraising for this new sports area either by holding your own event, taking up a challenge event or making a donation then please contact Susan Graves on 01983 852722.  Alternatively, you can follow this link to make a donation - thank you.