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Travel Arrangements

Our students come from across the UK and sometimes from abroad. We offer escorted travel services to the mainland and details of these are sent to parents/carers, with updates as necessary.

Weekly travel arrangements

On Fridays, we provide escorts for weekly boarders:

- from Ryde to Portsmouth (Southsea) via hovercraft; and 

- from Yarmouth to Lymington via car ferry.

Return escorts are provided on Sundays via the hovercraft and via the car ferry on Mondays from Lymington. If it is feasible, we may be able to provide transport back to St Catherine’s on a Monday morning from Portsmouth Southsea, at the request of parents.

Half and quarter-terms’ travel arrangements

At the end of each half-term and on quarter terms, escorts for weekly and full boarders are provided to:

• Portsmouth (Southsea) via hovercraft; and

• Lymington by Wightlink car ferry.

End of term travel arrangements

At the beginning and end of each full term, we also offer escorts to:

• Morden, London by car ferry and coach.

Additionally, escorts are available to Southampton Airport by Red Jet hydrofoil. Please note that the Southampton route is only used for those flying from and into Southampton airport.

Return escorts are provided at the start of half- and full-terms using the same routes.

In addition to the arrangements above, we may be able to offer daily transport options, where it is requested, for mainland students who have a short journey from home to St Catherine’s.

If you have any queries regarding travel arrangements or parent accommodation, please do not hesitate to speak with our Travel Coordinator on 01983 852722.

Links to Red Funnel, Hovertravel and Wightlink Websites