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The beautiful town of Ventnor and the Isle of Wight


Ventnor and the Isle of Wight are excellent resources for our young people. Our location gives learners the opportunities to practise new skills outside of school without the harshness of a big town/city environment or the remoteness of a greenfield site.

Children and young people enjoy greater confidence when they feel connected to the life of their school and the wider community. A large part of their learning is developing this confidence. At St Catherine’s we do this by giving our learners the opportunity to gain real life experiences in Ventnor town.

Ventnor’s supportive community provides excellent opportunities for learning. We make meaningful use of these resources. Our learners:

• go shopping, learning at the same time how to manage money, budget, plan ahead and practise language and communication skills;

• visit the local town as a platform for the development of independence, including learning to keep safe whilst in an outdoor public environment; and

• join in community-based activities and entertainment, meet new people and try new ventures, e.g. youth club, local interest groups, Duke of Edinburgh and sports.